Lilfordia is renowned for offering an outstanding breadth of education. Whilst the more traditional subjects are given priority the creative side of pupils is also explored with ventures into subjects such as Critical Thinking and Design and Technology. At all levels a highly professional and effective Curriculum Support department is available for those in need and there are specific programmes to stretch academically gifted pupils.


We have an excellent Curriculum Support program, headed by the highly qualified Mrs. Sam Foster, who through the courses, NILD and Search & Teach, is specially trained for remedial teaching. Our programme allows students to receive the extra help they need with completing and grasping certain topics. Many varied methods of teaching are exercised to best suit and help pupils to grasp certain areas of their work. These lessons are scheduled throughout the day to ensure all pupils that need it, are attended to. Students enrolled in the programme range from those who really struggle, to those who just need a little extra help and understanding.


Our academic department has worked tirelessly to tailor-make the syllabus which ensures that every pupil gains a good grasp of both Mathematics and English. We employ various techniques, aspects and methods taken from many different curriculums including Cambridge, Search & Teach and NILD to achieve this. Our recently established Progress Class allows struggling students one-on-one time with the teacher to give them the extra time and attention they need. For any budding poets or novelists we enter the NIAA Literary competition where their work is judged and graded. We have won several National Awards over the years.


Life Skills and the myriad topics therein is taught at every level of the school with particular focus on Personal, Social and Health Education as well as the use and vagaries of social media. The underlying policy is to promote awareness and enable pupils to make reasoned and informed choices in all facets of life.


All our classes engage in many different topics which stretch their imagination, intellect and dexterity. These range from constructing a 3D bedroom; learning about the poisonous dart frog in the vibrant Amazon rain forest; playing an instrument in a percussion band to learning the art of public speaking in the Grade 6 Toastmasters. It is very important to us that our pupils acquire a thirst for knowledge through these varied and diverse extra subjects.


All our classes do a lesson of art each week. Here they learn to use the different types of media as well as using shading and pattern techniques to bring their pictures alive. We also encourage the crafty side of art and many lessons involve the construction of various items. Every year we enter worthy students in to the NIAA competition for Art where they have the chance to have their art work judged and graded and displayed in the National Art Gallery.


Grade 5-7 are involved in community projects which involve helping out our neighbouring school Umzururu by planting trees, maintaining and painting their classrooms; singing and performing for old age homes in Harare and also collecting up boxes of “goodies” to give to orphanages. It is vital to teach our pupils to “give back” to the community and to lighten the day for the elderly.


Lilfordia offers a state of the art facility where the I.CT. Cambridge International Syllabus is taught to all classes.


Lilfordia is a totally non-denominational institution. Religious Education is taught in every class, evening prayers are conducted in each dormitory and Assemblies are conducted once a week which include the traditional prayers and hymns.