Lilfordia is renowned for offering an outstanding breadth of education. The Cambridge International Curriculum is utilized to deliver English, Mathematics, Science, Global Perspectives, IT and Art; the creative side of pupils is also explored with ventures into subjects such as Critical Thinking and Design and Technology. At all levels a highly professional and effective Curriculum Support department is available for those in need and there are specific programmes to stretch academically gifted pupils.


Pupils with learning difficulties are offered outstanding support from the department which boasts teachers with both NILD and ILT (Search and Teach) qualifications. This enables the department to do in-house assessments and implement early intervention strategies.


This is held at the end of the first and second terms. Parents are invited to visit the classrooms and talk to the teachers about their child’s progress. Teachers are always available and willing to speak to parents at other times by appointment.


Life Skills and the myriad topics therein is taught at every level of the school with particular focus on Personal, Social and Health Education as well as the use and vagaries of social media. The underlying policy is to promote awareness and enable pupils to make reasoned and informed choices in all facets of life.


Lilfordia offers a state of the art facility where the I.CT. Cambridge International Syllabus is taught to all classes.


Lilfordia is a totally non-denominational institution. Religious Education is taught in every class, evening prayers are conducted in each dormitory and Assemblies are conducted once a week which include the traditional prayers and hymns.