Every child at Lilfordia is included in the sporting programme. Each afternoon an activity timetable is produced to ensure that each child is meaningfully occupied for the entire afternoon. In the instance when there are matches on a particular day, pupils who have not made the teams are used to do duties ensure the efficient running of the home games i.e. giving oranges at half time, being linesmen, ball fetchers, cricket scorers etc… This gives the child a sense of purpose and responsibility for which they are rewarded at the end of each term and recognised for their contributions off the field. Having fewer numbers than most schools, we use this to our advantage and endeavour to get every pupil representing the school at some sporting discipline, to this end, we have had girls playing in boys hockey teams and vice versa to make up numbers so that that team can still compete. We want each pupil to feel important and proud to represent their school on every level.

We find that sport teaches so many life lessons that cannot be learnt in the classroom. We encourage good sportsmanship, healthy competitiveness and to be gracious in both victory and defeat.