Lilfordia is renowned for offering an outstanding breadth of education. The Cambridge International Curriculum is utilized to deliver English, Mathematics, Science, Global Perspectives, IT and Art; the creative side of pupils is also explored with ventures into subjects such as Critical Thinking and Design and Technology. At all levels a highly professional and effective Curriculum Support department is available for those in need and there are specific programmes to stretch academically gifted pupils.
Lilfordia is renowned for its personal touch and is unique in the way that it is a family run and wholly inclusive school

A malleable out-of-school time-table compiled daily ensures that each and every pupil is gainfully occupied in both sessions of every afternoon and a committed line-up of coaches try to make maximum use of the time at their disposal.  Facilities for sports are outstanding; most notably the extensive and excellent playing fields. Every pupil will have the opportunity to represent the school in all the major sports.
Lilfordia offers an extensive and lively programme of cultural activities; from music, orchestra, choir, dance and drama to public speaking and presentation. Music and Drama are high profile. Every pupil is introduced to music and theory by learning to play the recorder and through interactive Sibelius software which assists in the writing and reading of music. The progression of this will see every pupil achieve a solid grounding in music and the more talented proceed to master various string, wind, brass, piano and percussion instruments. On the drama front, a musical is produced annually alternating between the senior and junior halves of the School. We also enter several choirs for the annual Allied Arts Choral competition