Lilfordia strives to create “a home from home” environment. Our goal is to ensure that each and every pupil is recognised, understood and encouraged. We embrace the diverseness of children’s characters and capabilities and try to instil a confidence to be happy in their own skin. Our long reputation of producing mannerly children is something we pride ourselves on and we teach the children to abide by the FOUR “R’s”: Respect for self, Respect for others, Responsibly for your actions and Responsibility for your environment. We also have a very old fashioned home spun “Magic Formula” which we try and rub off on the new age child, this being the recipe for an enjoyable holiday… “Do as you are told, when you are told”.

We try to uphold some traditional elements of home like bed time stories and birthday parties. In the evenings, all children are put to bed with a captivating bed time story, gathering around the matron and listening intently. Followed by our special Lilfordia prayer – where they give thanks for the day and bless all their family and friends.

Every child is thrown a birthday party with a delicious cake made by our kitchen as well as delightful snacks. They make a superbly decorated party list inviting 11 friends and enjoy all this on a Friday break time close to their real birth day. They are taught manners and etiquette with the birthday boy/girl making a speech (the little ones are aided by their G7 waiters who whisper helpful words into their ear). There is great jollifications, singing and clapping and the birthday children are made to feel very special. In Grade 7, they get to have a special party and parents can bring extra “goodies” for the table (fizzy drinks, chips, sweets)

We intertwine rules and regulations with homely care and consideration and aim to produce a well-rounded, grounded and robust individual.