The School prides itself on its mentorship programmes/guidance and pastoral care. Contemporary methods pertinent to the generation are combined with over 100 years of experience which brings about a unique ethos steeped in traditional morals, manners and ethics and a focus on good ‘old fashioned values’. Honesty, integrity, empathy, good fellowship, punctuality, responsibility and the value of ‘Team’.
Lilfordia is renowned for its personal touch and is unique in the way that it is a family run and wholly inclusive school where every child is equally important regardless of their social standing. Every member of staff is familiar with each individual child (their strengths, weaknesses and idiosyncrasies), everyone in the school knows everybody else, by name and by nature, and the overall effect is one of family. It has been remarked that whereas adults usually tend to return to the senior schools they once attended when seeking a dose of nostalgia, very few revisit the primary institutions of their extreme youth. Lilfordia provides a striking exception to this general rule with former pupils from all eras forever appearing to indulge themselves in trips down memory lane and one cannot help but feel that this phenomenon is due to their having regarded the school as a “home from home” during their formative years.