Lilfordia offers an extensive and lively programme of cultural activities; from music, orchestra, singing, dance and drama to public speaking and presentation.

Music and Drama are very high profile. Every pupil is introduced to music and theory by learning to play the recorder and through interactive Sibelius software which assists in the writing and reading of music. The progression of this will see every pupil achieve a solid grounding in music and the more talented proceed to master various other string and wind instruments. On the drama front, every class produces a play annually which is performed at the end of the second term and every two years the senior classes will be involved in a major collaborative production of one of the West End favourites. We are also the only school that submits a choir for every class at the annual Allied Arts Choral competition and in conjunction with this have a Chapel Choir and an  a cappella group as well.


Our music department offers all children the chance to be recognised. Every child is given a recorder and taught to play & read music during class lessons, those showing a talent for it are put through various tests and then encouraged to play an instrument that is found to be best suited to them. Our Orchestra is still a work in progress, but in just a short time has made amazing progress. Specialised teachers travel out to Lilfordia to teach students the various instruments during the week. Many students are also given the opportunity to play and learn the piano, some of which even accompany our choirs at the NIAA Eisteddfod singing competition, an outstanding achievement, which the adjudicators often make special mention of!

All classes do a singing lesson each week and we enter each grade into the NIAA Choral Verse competition. It gives the children a great sense of accomplishment and exposes them to a constructive competitive environment in which they are judged and criticised.


Each class is tasked with putting on a wee production each year in the 2nd Term and our pupils get to show off their thespian skills. Our Green Room is completely ravaged and decimated as students and teachers alike frantically try and find suitable attire for their performance. A great time is had by all. Every second year, we undertake something a little more taxing and our seniors put on a much grander affair. Pupils get a taste of the real “show biz“, with the gruelling long practices, learning lines, dress rehearsals, scenes, acts, props etc… and then the electrifying, nerve wracking public performance and of course the well-earned glory at the end! A fantastic experience.

Our Grade 1 and 2 classes also put on an annual Nativity Play in the 3rd Term. The whole school gets to watch this and the little ones feel very important as they strut their stuff on the stage, soaking up the lime light.


On Fridays at Lilfordia the children from grades 1 to 5 get to wriggle, jiggle, bop, pop, jump up and jive and it is SUCH fun! Using the newest music with the funkiest beat we get those little ones using their feet. Encouraging coordination and rhythm, dance at Lilfordia is high energy and sometimes completely wild! A variety of dance styles are used to inspire our teaching at Lilfordia. Mainly jazz, contemporary and hip hop. Dance for kids is known to help with better posture, creativity, and cultural understanding. It improves balance and flexibility. Most importantly it boosts self-esteem.


All grades embark on various class trips throughout the year. These vary in length according to their age. Grade 1 go for just a morning outing and Grade 7 go for 5 nights away at RIFA. The children thoroughly enjoy these excursions and learn so much about their surrounds and also the value of interaction and participation outside of school life. We always find it so interesting watching the different character traits emerge when placed in their new environment.